Business as unusual

1) Fix your customer journey

Are you in the dark when it comes to your customer’s needs and experiences?
Use customer insights to create, deliver and sustain differentiating experiences

Real world experience: Repairing broken customer experiences

As a foundation for developing new products and services for more than 2 million customers, this company started out by taking control of its current offerings and customer experience. Based on existing data from multiple sources, new customer insight and industry best practises we were able to identify and repair broken customer experiences, and establish a benchmark for taking the next steps towards customer journey excellence.

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2) Get your tech right

How do you use the data you have, and what data do you need to create future value?
Technology is at the core of future wins. Think digital and embed analytics in everyday decision making

Real world experience: Mapping, redesigning and reorganizing IT

As customers demand real time information and user friendly and seamless planning and payment services, this company has made the effort to adapt the technology platform to a rapidly changing world. Mapping the IT portfolio, designing new work processes and a new way of organizing the IT services have paved the way for more efficient use of IT and a better way of serving the customer journey. Our work also includes reviewing and making changes in architecture and strategy, related to all central systems and customer related services.

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3) Empower your organization

Is your organization ready for digital?
Adapting an operating model that enables a culture for innovation, collaboration and risk taking is your key to digital advantage

Real world experience: From digital strategy to being digital at core

With our help, a Nordic telecom operator has made the journey from establishing a digital strategy to being digital at core, bringing more than 1000 employees up to speed on its digital journey. In this process, we have supplied training, coaching of leaders on several levels and been a sparring partner for the organization. Because digital isn’t a matter of technology, but of people.

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4) Do the transformation

Transformations are hard, and digital transformations are even harder. Sticking with your plan doesn’t get you where you want to be
Make change happen without creating chaos through prioritizing innovations, monitoring lead indicators and measuring progress

Real world experience: Change management in practice

Meeting changes in demand and new competitors, a leading national broadband and entertainment provider has successfully transformed to a digital player, strengthening its market position. Among the wins are an automated order- and delivery process, yielding better management of customer service calls and delivery time.

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